Unexpected Heavy Loss in Business – Palmistry Case Study

Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla PalmistSubhash was a bright and intelligent child. He was good in academics and always topped first in the class. He stood first in his school in the state board examinations. He was determined to secure an engineering seat in a reputed government college. He worked hard for his competitive exams and got a good score and an admission at the college of his liking. At the college, he was the favorite of his professors as he was always a topper there too. Students would often look up to help from Subhash whether it was related to studies or the project work. Soon he got selected by a well-known IT company through the campus interviews held at his college. His happiness knew no bounds. After a year, Subhash was sent to Vancouver on a short term project by his company. His hard work paid off and he was assigned another project at USA for a year. He came back to India on promotion to a better post. Years passed by and Subhash was happily married and had two children. He was now appointed as the Project Manager at his company. He could not thank God more for his achievements.

One day while sitting at the coffee table having coffee with his immediate manager and few colleagues, his boss offered him a business idea. “Subhash, you are an intelligent and talented man. You are wasting your intelligence here. You should consider this offer!” He replied, “I agree Sir! But I think I still need more experience and moreover I do not think I will be able to manage the financial commitments involved.” said Subhash. The Manager said, “Oh, don’t worry about that. I need people like you. A bright future awaits you, my dear!” Subhash was convinced. All his friends at office including the higher authorities were surprised at his decision. They tried to convince him to stay back but Subhash had chosen his path. His company finally granted him a year non pay leave as they were hoping him to join back.

Subhash started work with great enthusiasm and started working even harder. But soon he realized that it was not easy to run a company. Managing his friends to work became a more difficult task for him. His friends would take undue advantage of his nature and push maximum work load on him. The boss was only namesake. He was an opportunist who wanted to benefit from Subhash. Slowly the business started getting affected. They lost on a few projects and went into a loss. Realizing the situation few partners took a back seat. Subhash and his boss were left to face the maximum financial loss and debt. The bank started harassing them for recovery of installments. Subhash felt lost. This is not what he dreamed. He realized it was a mistake to take a hasty decision. But it was too late by then. A well wisher gave Suresh my reference and he came to see me with a hope. He told me,  “Sir! I am Subhash. I am in deep trouble. I need your help. Please help and guide me. My friends and colleagues persuaded me into Business and now they are turning their backs to me. I feel lost! ” I examined his palms carefully and replied, “Subhash, you have a straight long education line which indicates that you have received very high education and you have been an intelligent person. The money line is originating from the mount of moon and is running towards the mount of Saturn which indicates that you got the job very easily on your merit and ability. Subhash, there is one line that is cutting the line of fate and the line of head at approximately age of 38 years. This signifies that you were bound to make this mistake of quitting your job and unfortunately it also indicates that you were anyways not going to succeed in your business” He responded, “You are right Sir! I really do not understand how I took the impulsive decision to quit such a good job and enter business. Gurudev, please guide me!” I guided him with the right sadhana. and he followed it religiously. Eventually Subhash returned back to his previous company. They were more than happy to have him back. Today Subhash is relieved. He leads a happy a stress free life now.

If you are facing unexpected heavy loss in Business and want to come out of your financial  situation, I can help you. You may contact me or email for a detailed palm analysis to solve your problems.

Author: Dr Hamza Ibrahim Mulla

Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla is a renowned Palmistry Expert and Astrologer. He is the Author of various books on Palmistry. He is also an Expert on Numerology and Occult Sciences. Dr. Mulla has catered to over a million clients and can help you get rid of any problem with his vast knowledge of Palmistry.


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