The Success Story of Jeevan Kumar – Part 2

Jeevan Kumar became successful due to his hard work, dedication, network and sincerity. Goddess Lakshmi had blessed him abundantly. He made right decisions and took high risks. He often traveled to Dubai for business work. He had a good rapport with his subordinates. He took decisions after discussion with his team members. He respected and honored his team members and kept them happy. Everyone praised his brilliant and quick decisions and his courage to take such high risks in life. Jeevan Kumar was a successful industrialist now. He would often go back to his journey from the small village to a successful industrialist in his memories. He often remembered how his father never received any kind of support from relatives. His family had faced a lot of humiliation. These bitter memories gave him a heartache.

Palmistry fingers not togetherHe always visited me for advice and guidance. I had told him that he had clear and favorable lines of intelligence on his palm which explained his quick and excellent decision making skills. Even though he did not study further and pursue higher education, he had a lot of practical knowledge which helped him in making right decisions. The reason why he did not ever receive any support from his relatives was simply because all his fingers were at a considerable distance from each other. When he lay his palm flat, his fingers instantly appeared to be far from each other. Such a person stand on his feet without anyone’s support. He has to stay away from his family and native place for livelihood. Such a person is very independent in life. But I  also warned him about a huge loss which we will discuss later.

Author: Dr Hamza Ibrahim Mulla

Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla is a renowned Palmistry Expert and Astrologer. He is the Author of various books on Palmistry. He is also an Expert on Numerology and Occult Sciences. Dr. Mulla has catered to over a million clients and can help you get rid of any problem with his vast knowledge of Palmistry.


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