Struggles and Success : Numerology Case Study

OBSTACLES ARE FRIGHTFUL THINGS THAT TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE GOALS! Some people struggle to achieve success in life. They do not lack in their efforts and hard work. They get their family support but luck is always acting against such people. Jagdish was one such person. He tried his luck in business. It was a disaster. He then gave up on business and tried to find a job for himself. With a lot of hardships and struggle he could manage to find one.  He was working for almost three years now. He was finally happy that he was settled in his life. He married a year later. His financial and social status improved slowly.

struggles success signature changeJagdish started enjoying his life with his new friends. His friends were used to partying, racing and enjoying vacations. He soon developed this life style and started spending enormously. His parents could see his wasteful expenditure and tried to warn him. But he had given way to this life and could not break his ties with such friends. On the pretext of one of his friends he borrowed a loan and invested in share market. He thought that it was an easy way to earn a lot of money. But unfortunately, he suffered huge loss instead of gain due to sudden fall in the share market. He came to seek advice to me.

I examined his palms. I could see his failed attempt at business at an early age. He had secured the job at a later age. His service line was a favorable and a clear one. But unfortunately he had a severe cut on the fate line which was the reason of the huge loss he suffered. I corrected his signature and name and recommended him appropriate religious sadhana for meditation and progress in life. I advised him to concentrate on his job, leave behind the social circle and adopt a simple and purposeful life.

Author: Dr Jasmin Shaikh

Dr Jasmin Shaikh is a Numerologist and Palmistry Expert. She is the daughter of Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla. She has written several Articles on Numerology and Palmistry. You can contact her for consultations on +91-8855069200 or email on


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