Put your Signature for better luck – Case Study

Signature can say a lot about how an individual is. Signature Correction can often bring positive changes in one’s life. Here is an interesting case study!

Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla Palmistry ExpertSome people always face failures in spite of hard work, honesty and dedication. They struggle hard in their lives to achieve success but they cannot fight their fate. Suresh was sitting right in front of me talking about his problems. He was a hardworking and sincere person but his life was full of failures and unsuccessful stories. He was born and brought up at Pune. His father was a government employee with limited source of income and Suresh had always compromised in his childhood. His father wanted him to do engineering studies and join government service like him. Unfortunately he got admission in a government college based at Amravati. He had his life’s most difficult four years at Amravati struggling with the hot soaring temperatures and loneliness without his family. He completed his graduation and headed to Pune with happiness and hope of a better life. But soon he realized that life was not a catwalk for him. He did not get a government job in spite of efforts by him and his father. He finally managed to get a job at a private company but he could not cope up with the corporate culture and their expectations. Every day he left his home with stress and came back home unhappy. His stress and non performance led him to quit the job. He was clueless about his future. He had made up his mind to not get into a private organization anymore. He decided to start his business with the financial help from his father. His father was retired and had plans to start farming at his hometown on the land he had possessed. He gave some financial help to Suresh to start his business and left with his wife to Satara to start farming as he has decided. He had taken a promise from Suresh that he would help them whenever they needed him.

Suresh started his business at Pune. The business did not run as expected. He had to reinvest the money in his business again and again. The profits were minimal. Moreover he had to send financial help to his father too. This led him to more stress. He started finding it difficult to concentrate on business, his parent’s demands and the family. Suresh was 36 years old and a father of two children by now.  He had hardly progressed in his life. He was still struggling and had not achieved much in his life. He started considering himself a failure and went in depression.

One day he came to see me on his friend’s advice. I read his palms carefully and recorded his signature for correction. I told him, “Suresh, I can clearly see that you were not meant for a government job rather for any kind of job as you do not have a prominent service line”. He replied, “Sir, I tried to work at a private organization but could not stay there for long. I then entered business. Initially I got very good response but slowly my expenses increased more than my income. It started getting difficult for me to run the business and help my father also on regular basis. Moreover you know in today’s world how difficult it is ,to run a family. With two children going to the expensive schools and coaching, it became very difficult for me to manage everything alone. Today I am sitting in front of you with a loan, heavy loss and family’s never ending expectations. I am lost to understand anything. Please guide me.” I told him,  “Suresh, this occurred because the money line on your hand has been cut many times. That is the reason why you spend more than you earned. Also see at the head line. At the origin itself, it is running at a distance from the life line. Also the head line is depressed and is dropping toward the mount of Moon. This is the reason why you did not take decisions wisely and went into depression when you failed”. I advised him the meditation techniques and give him the rectification of his signature. I had realized that his signature was wrong and needed some corrections. Often wrong signature does not give favorable results in life. With right corrections there can be very positive results in one’s life. I explained to him about its significance. He promised me to follow my instructions carefully. Eventually he started making progress in life and his business. His most important achievement was that he had obtained peace!!

If you are having troubles in your life, an in depth Analysis of your Palm and Signature can be of help. You may call me or email to Book an appointment for Signature Correction and remedies to solve your problems.

Author: Dr Hamza Ibrahim Mulla

Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla is a renowned Palmistry Expert and Astrologer. He is the Author of various books on Palmistry. He is also an Expert on Numerology and Occult Sciences. Dr. Mulla has catered to over a million clients and can help you get rid of any problem with his vast knowledge of Palmistry.


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