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Your Fate Is in Your Hands – Palmistry Case Study

Do you know that your fate is in your hands? The lines on your palm can give a clear indication of what will happen in your life. If you are facing a problem and want to get rid of it, a Palmistry Expert can help you! Given below is a real life experience case study.

Your fate is in your Hands Palmistry Case StudyOn December 26, 2004 the world stood witness to the wrath of nature as the massive Tsunami waves were crushed against the shores of South Asia killing more than lakhs of people. Suddenly the fate of so many people had changed. Some had lost their lives, some lost their near and dear ones, some people had lost their belongings and some people had comes down to rags from riches. I suddenly remembered this day as Jagdish was narrating his story to me.

Jagdish had suddenly faced a Tsunami of his life. He has lost his name and fame in one day. He was a very hard working man. He had toiled hard day and night to make a name for himself. He owned a sweet mart and his sweets were very famous. People used to stand in long queues to buy the special sweets from his shop. He always used the best quality products to make the sweets and he never compromised on that. He knew that it was a risky business and would often guide people on eating fresh products and the risk of eating after the expiry date. But fate had decided a different turn in his life. That fateful day was the day of Rakshabandhan. It was a ritual of people to buy sweets that day. People had flocked at his sweet shop to buy the special sweet of the day. By 11am the special sweet was totally purchased. Jagdish was exhausted. He sat down to sip a cup of tea when his cell phone rang. He was informed that all people in the family were vomiting profusely and had loose motions with severe abdominal pain. He wiped his sweat with fear. His phone bell rang again informing the same. It kept ringing again and again. It was a clear case of food poisoning . The news spread like fire everywhere. Some people filed a complaint against him. The police came to his shop and sealed it to carry out the further investigations. Jagdish was arrested. With great difficulty he received bail.

Jagdish knew me very well. I would often purchase sweets from his shop for my family. I knew him for so many years and could not believe that he was at fault. He called me and requested, “Madam, please guide me.” I read his palms carefully and recorded his sign for further analysis. “Jagdish, there is a line cutting your head line which is branching from the heart line and is running forward. This is the reason of your sudden loss and defamation. It was the tsunami of your life. It washed away your name and fame within seconds.” I assured him that there was nothing to worry. I gave him the meditation techniques and rectified his signature. He followed it and practiced the new signature as suggested. It was further revealed that one of the staff had played foul as he was holding a grudge against Jagdish. The news of his innocence flashed in the newspaper. Slowly his business flourished and he was back to normal. 

Your fate is in your hands! You can use the Principles of Palmistry to Change Your Life. Book an Appointment now!

Author: Dr Jasmin Shaikh

Dr Jasmin Shaikh is a Numerologist and Palmistry Expert. She is the daughter of Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla. She has written several Articles on Numerology and Palmistry. You can contact her for consultations on +91-8855069200 or email on jasmine@dramirhamzaibrahimmulla.com


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