Storms in Life can make you stronger – Palmistry Case Study

Storms in Life can make you stronger. Some take it as a learning experience and move on with life while others lose hope at the mere sight of trouble in their lives.  Here is an interesting Case Study!

Dr Hamza Ibrahim Mulla Palm AnalysisJeevan’s father ran his family business of grocery store. Jeevan had seen his father’s hectic schedule. His father would start working in the early morning hours till the midnight. He could hardly get time to spare for his family. But his family had adjusted themselves to this routine. When Jeevan was about 16 years old, his father asked him to join his business. Actually Jeevan wanted to study further and join service. But according to his father, education was not important as Jeevan would eventually run the family business. Jeevan insisted that he should be at least allowed to complete his graduation.  Poor Jeevan’s life changed at a very early age. When his friends were enjoying their life, he was juggling between the college and his father’s business. He slowly learned all the business tactics his father had adopted to run the business efficiently. By the end of two years he had mastered the business and he was doing well in his studies.

Jeevan had just finished his graduation when his father suffered from a severe heart attack. He was hospitalized and could not be saved. It was a tremendous blow to him and his family. He became more responsible and took over all the responsibilities. He had adopted good communication skills and his work experience had helped him in building a good rapport with the clients. His business flourished and he became a known name in his community and the business circle. He was married and had two children. Life was a happy dream to him. He decided to take a Loan and start another grocery store to expand his business. He borrowed from his community bank and started another store. He had to divide his time now between the two stores and this led to troubles and problems. He could not concentrate on both equally and the stress started taking toll on his health. He suffered a huge loss. He decided to shut down the new store. But he had to still bear the burden of the loan he had borrowed. It also led to a lot of defamation to him in the community. In a few years he managed to pay off the debts and also worked hard. His business flourished again.

Jeevan started purchasing a lot of wholesale stock from Mumbai. The government had raised the LBT charges and the merchants had gone on a strike to protest against it. The strike went for a long duration and the stock that Jeevan had purchased was perishable. He suffered a huge loss again. He went into depression. He lost his interest in life and business. The financial loss had started causing trouble in his paradise. Moreover he had to face a period of slack in business too. His friend informed him about me and Jeevan came to visit me. I examined his palms and recorded his signature for analysis. I told him, “Jeevan, I can see that you had to suffer two huge losses in life. You were saved by the grace of God. It is because the money line on your palm has been cut severely at two places. Also there is one oblique line originating from your heart line and running towards the money line and ending at the head line. That’s why the losses you suffered were huge.” He replied, “Yes Gurudev, I was saved by the grace of God. But right now I have no motivation to live and no courage to bear any further losses. I do not think I will survive if I bear any such loss anymore”. I consoled him and told him that his future was good. I gave him meditation techniques to improve his concentration and bring positive energy in life. I also did the rectification in his signature and asked him to follow the signature for the rest of life.  His business has flourished again. He regularly calls me to take advice on any important decisions in his life.

If you are facing Storms in your life and do not know what to do to improve your life, I can help you. You may call me up or email me for an Appointment for Palm Analysis and I can help you fix the problems you are facing in your life.

Author: Dr Hamza Ibrahim Mulla

Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla is a renowned Palmistry Expert and Astrologer. He is the Author of various books on Palmistry. He is also an Expert on Numerology and Occult Sciences. Dr. Mulla has catered to over a million clients and can help you get rid of any problem with his vast knowledge of Palmistry.


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