God helps those who help themselves – Palmistry Case Study

“God helps those who help themselves” ~ 2 Obligations 13: 36 “Karm Karo Phal ki chinta mat karo”  ~ Bhagavat Gita
What does it mean? It means if you believe and make a honest effort to achieve something, you will be successful.

Dr Hamza Ibrahim Mulla Palmistry ExpertSumeet was confused. He had really worked hard for the preparation of his final exams. But to his surprise he had scored very less. This was a regular thing that happened with him. Every year he started studding with great enthusiasm right from the beginning of the year. But his progress dropped regularly till the final exams. Next year he was going to give his board examinations. He was worried about his results. As usual he scored merely 60 percent in spite of his hard work and efforts. He had dreamed of becoming an engineer since childhood. But his marks were not motivating him to take the science stream. After discussing with his parents, he decided to take the commerce stream and think of pursuing a career through various career options later. He managed to score a little better in std 12th. He joined BBA after discussing with his parents. He somehow managed to complete his graduation. Constant failure to achieve good marks had instilled in him a feeling of a being a loser. He thought it was better to start some business and forget about studding MBA. His father was a witness to his turmoil since childhood. He knew that his son was a sincere and hardworking person. Luck was not by his side. He decided to help him financially. Sumeet started a branded garment shop. To start such a setup he needed to work on standard interior pattern of that brand business. He ended up spending 20 lakh only on the interior work of his shop. Next, he had to purchase the ready stock. He decided to take loan from a local bank. He took a loan of about 25 lakh and started his business with great hopes.

Nowadays with the advent of bigger malls in big cities it is usually difficult for people to go to a local place and make their purchases. People find it better to go to any mall, look for different options and then decide. He realized this soon. It was over six months and he was not able to run the business as expected. He had to make a lot of payments for other outgoing sources and he had hardly made any profit or money. By the end of the year, he realized that he would never be able to run that business. Moreover the Bank had started harassing him for the installments of the loan. He decided to shut the business with heavy heart.  He was a married man by now and had a responsibility to look after. He decided to try for a job. For three months he could not find any job in spite of trying hard. Finally he managed to find one at a BPO. He had no option but to take up the job even though the salary was less.

Sumeet started having tough life working at odd shifts and meeting his needs with the income. Moreover he was harassed frequently to pay off the loan amount. One day while he was at home, the people from bank entered his home and spoke about sealing his home as he had kept his home as mortgage. Sumeet’s life collapsed after this. He went into depression. He started having suicidal thoughts to end his problems. His wife knew me as her friend had visited me and decided to meet me.

One Sunday morning, Sumeet came with his wife and narrated his problem to me. I read his palms carefully and took his signature specimen for analysis. After a week I called them back and spoke to them. “Sumeet, you are just 27 years old. First thing get the suicidal thoughts out of your mind. You have to be brave and fight your battle. Every person is fighting his battle in life. It’s only that some people fight it bravely and shine and while some cannot and give up. This is life, accept it. You have a long life to go. You have another business line which seems to be a good and prosperous one. My only suggestion to you is to start the next business on your wife’s name. You will definitely succeed in life”. He said, “Gurudev, I have heard that the rectification of one’s sign gives a very positive and prosperous effect in life.” I answered in affirmation. I had already done his analysis. I explained him the rectification done and asked him to abide by the new signature for the rest of his life. I also explained him the meditation techniques and ask him to follow them regularly and have faith in God. Your signature is the reflection of your image. If your sign is not right your thoughts wander and create restlessness in your life. You may not be able to take advantage of the right opportunities that may come your way. This also causes problems in the family peace and happiness.

Sumeet called me six months later that he was feeling very positive in life. He had started an electronic equipment’s shop on his wife’s name with financial help from his wife’s parents. He informed me that the business was running well. Paying off the bank installments was his first priority now and he had managed to even pay few of them.

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Author: Dr Hamza Ibrahim Mulla

Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla is a renowned Palmistry Expert and Astrologer. He is the Author of various books on Palmistry. He is also an Expert on Numerology and Occult Sciences. Dr. Mulla has catered to over a million clients and can help you get rid of any problem with his vast knowledge of Palmistry.


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