Bed of Roses or Bed of thorns… Life is as you make it!

Life may not be a bed of roses for everyone. The way thorns help one to appreciate flowers similarly hardships help one to appreciate the beauty of life. A person himself or herself is responsible for making his or her life either a bed of roses or a bed of thorns. If one is determined, he can climb the ladder of success by fighting all odds that come in his way.

Dr Jasmine Shaikh NumerologistGanesh was inspired by the thoughts of great successful people. He also dreamed of becoming a successful person in life and started working towards it right from his childhood. His family was always there to support him. After completing his graduation he aspired for a government job. He came across a conman who made false and tall claims of having influential contacts and demanded a huge sum of money to get him a good job. His parents sold a piece of the land that they owned and made the payment to the conman in the hope of a getting Ganesh a good job. For 6 months the man fooled them and suddenly one day he made a disappearing act without any trace or clue about his whereabouts. Ganesh lost all the money and had no job. Disheartened, his parents advised him to start a business promising him to help financially. Again some ancestral land was sold to help Ganesh. He started working hard day and night. Any business requires some time to establish and settle. In medical terms we refer to it as the waiting period. Ganesh expected a good favorable response right from the beginning but it was not the case. There were no signs of progress. He waited for over a year but the business did not flourish as he had expected. Instead few of his clients purchased stock from him on credit with a promise to pay him later. They fooled him and never made the payments. Ganesh faced huge losses. Ganesh realized that the path of life was not as easy for him. He was walking on a bed of thorns. He was unable to cope up with his business and its financial demands. He had hardly made any profits. Instead he was sitting on a huge loss.

A well wisher gave him my address and phone number. He called me to fix an appointment and then came to see me. He told me, “Madam! I am a failure. I tried for a government job but my good academic records still could secure one for me. I was fooled by a thug who made false promises and ran away with my money. Then I decided to start business. My poor parents sold their valuable possession, their land, to support me financially. But fate had different plans for me. I suffered huge losses there too because of my mistake. I have lost lots of ancestral land as well as money. I do not know what to do.” I told him, “Ganesh, you are really very fortunate to have been blessed with such wonderful parents. It was your mistake in the first case that you trusted a wrong person and tried to get the job in a wrong way i.e by paying bribe. How could you succeed? You should have learnt your lesson at the first instance itself. Again your blind trust on the borrowers led you to losses for the second time.” I said this to him after examining his palm. There was a marked distance between the head line and the life line which signifies that he was a very straight forward person who did not think twice before saying anything and repent later for having said such things.

He requested me, “Madam, please guide me now for my future.” I gave him the required sadhana and explained the meditation techniques. I advised him to start a business in real estate business and work on commission business. My most sensible advice to him was to keep control on his temper and improve his communication skills to help him in his future business. A few months later he called me and thanked me. He told me that his financial situation has improved drastically after following my suggestions.

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Author: Dr Jasmin Shaikh

Dr Jasmin Shaikh is a Numerologist and Palmistry Expert. She is the daughter of Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla. She has written several Articles on Numerology and Palmistry. You can contact her for consultations on +91-8855069200 or email on


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