Birth date Influence – Numerology Case Study

Do you know that the day you were born has an influence on your life? Birth date gives an indication of the talent you possess and can help you along your Life’s Path. A Numerology analysis can help if you are facing problems in life and want to get rid of them. Here is a case study!

Shreedhar had no clue to his misfortunes. This was the fourth time that he had changed his business and the results were not favorable. His wife had given him the list of the monthly expenses in the morning. He was worried as the expenses were very high this time. He had left his home with a smile but he was very stressed.

Shreedhar had a struggle some childhood. His father was a chronic alcoholic and abused his mother and the children. He spent his earnings on his addiction. His mother was a school teacher and took care of the responsibilities. With great difficulty she had given education to her children. The bad memories of childhood were pasted on his life in such a way the Shreedhar had grown mature much before time. He worked part time to support his mother and went to night school for further education. Eventually he completed his education and certification in MBA. He had made up his mind to give and his best and keep his family happy. He started working in a renowned company as an HR. His financial status improved. But he was not satisfied. He thought he was not appreciated as he deserved.  He decided to start a business. He started working with great excitement. But his hard work and determination did not confer him with success. He was disappointed. He was married by then and had two children. He started another business. The same story repeated. He had suffered huge loss. Years passed by. This was the fourth business Shreedhar had started.

In the beginning his business was successful but history was repeating again. He had lost hope. He thought that business was not meant for him. But he had no choice. He had already passed his age to work in any salaried job. Business was the only option. Shreedhar used to find and innovative ways to boost his business. But nothing helped. Finally he decided to visit me for guidance after reading my article in the local newspaper.

I recorded his birth date and the signature for analysis and studied his palms. The palms showed a lot of cuts on the fate line which was an answer to his loss and failures in business. I studied his birth date and did the analysis. Shreedhar’s birth number was a good business number. Ideally people yearn with such a birth number do very well in life and business. But unfortunately his life path was not a compatible one. It was not a good destiny number and had to offer him difficulties, obstacles and problems in his path. His nature was straight-forward and he openly spoke his views to everyone which at times involved criticism. This was in a way acting against him which was needed to be told to him. This life path also led him to a number of secret enemies and activities. Also this was not a number of success. But his life path could not be changed. Next I analyzed his birth name. His number was weak and has a lot of Saturn influence which was working against him and his success. It needed immediate corrections. It would definitely help him to succeed in his business and life. I corrected his signature and explained him the meditation techniques and power of the use of favorable and lucky gem. I also suggested him some changes in the business name. He followed the instructions carefully and followed the changes prescribed to him. His business flourished eventually. He is now happy that he can take care of his family without any stress.

The date on which you were born has an influence in your life.  A Numerologist can help if you are facing problems in life and want to resolve them. Book an appointment now for an indepth Numerology Birth date analysis!

Author: Dr Jasmin Shaikh

Dr Jasmin Shaikh is a Numerologist and Palmistry Expert. She is the daughter of Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla. She has written several Articles on Numerology and Palmistry. You can contact her for consultations on +91-8855069200 or email on


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