Line of Deception – Palmistry Case Study

God does not easily gift away happiness to human beings. One does not know why the Almighty is so fond of testing us! And yes, should he not be testing us with something simple or straight-forward? But no! He gets pleasure in testing us with the most difficult ordeals. If we peep into the mythological era, we find that he set onerous tasks to test his devotees. God appeared in person in front of the devotee if he was pleased with his penance. He would then smile and ask the devotee, “My child, I am pleased with your rigorous penance. Make any wish without hesitation!” In these times of instant gratification, it is unheard of since ages that God has appeared in person to bless someone. On the contrary, eons after eons, he has tested humans by fire. So, even today, it is quite difficult to find a way to save oneself from adversities. He still seems to be testing his devotees through very rigorous tribulations.

Palmistry Janakidas was a devotee to the core. He would be very upset if he heard anyone maligning God. He considered compassion as true religion. Being kind to others was second nature to him. He would consider himself an offender if he was unable to help someone in adversity. Janakidas started his own business after completing his education instead of taking up a job. He felt that an employment with someone may prove to be a hindrance in his desire to do social work. He did not get any support in establishing his business.

One day, two of his acquaintances visited him at his office. One of them was an established road contractor while the other was an engineer. They were in the process of obtaining a huge loan from an urban bank. The same was to be discussed in the bank’s meeting. However, the second guarantor from their side had not shown up and they were running out of time. The next meeting was scheduled only after two months and hence if the decision was not taken during the current meeting they would lose the opportunity of bagging a lucrative contract. They therefore wanted Janakidas to sign as the second guarantor.  Janakidas could have refused them but he was too shy to refuse. As it turned out however, these two people withdrew the loan amount from the bank and vanished into thin air. Then the bank hounded Janakidas for recovering the loan. Finally, they had Janakidas’s residence attached. In the meantime, Janakidas muddled the situation further. He issued a cheque for a large amount as the bank made persistent demands for recovery. The cheque bounced and the bank initiated a criminal case against him. Now, even the police were on the look-out for arresting him. He went into hiding to evade arrest. He blamed his fate for his predicament.

Janakidas had read about me in the newspapers and finally, he came to me in total submission. He fell at my feet and said, “Gurudev, my name is Janakidas, Please ward off my calamity!” I looked at him. He probably had not even had a proper bath for quite a few days and I wondered as to when he had had his last full square meal! I told him, “Get up, Janakidas! Tell me what calamity has befallen you so that it may be possible to find a potent solution to it”.  He explained his situation, “Gurudev, I stood a guarantor to some people without thinking of the consequences. I thought that they were good people. They owned a construction firm. However, those tricksters deceived me in no time. They disappeared for good. The bank is hounding me for recovering the loan. I issued cheques to the bank in order to avoid their persistent demands but those bounced. The bank has initiated criminal proceedings against me as a result. I have been sentenced seven and a half years of jail term. I somehow managed to run away. I have been dodging the police and have come to you today,” he narrated the whole story to me. I told him, “Janakidas, there is a conspicuous line on your palm which indicates ‘deception’. This line starts from the line of heart and intersects the line of head. In palmistry, this line is considered to be the ‘line of deception’. In addition, there is also a ‘cross sign’ on your palm which indicates criminal proceedings against you. It is advisable to know in advance how large-scale trickery is carried out. The line of deception is easy to identify. Generally, the lines of heart and head are present on everyone’s palm. The line of heart is related to emotions and in turn, to the mind. So generally, such people sympathize with others. They treat others with compassion. On the other hand, the line of head is related to the brain. So, we take major decisions by evaluating them against the criteria of intellect. However, if a fork line from the line of heart meets the line of head, the behavior of a person is overly influenced by his mind. Such a person gets conned through emotional influence. This is because emotions rule the reasoning. Those two deliberately asked you to stand guarantee. They projected a fictitious problematic situation. Without any thought, you willingly signed the guarantee to help them out and that is where you were completely taken in. The second act of your story unfolded from there. There is a ‘cross sign’ on your palm in the acute angle formed by your life line and the line of head. People with such a bad sign on their palm should exercise utmost caution. They should carry out every deal very carefully. You immediately issued a cheque for a big amount when the bank made persistent demands. Thereby, the noose around your neck tightened even further. If you have such a cross sign on your palm, you are bound to get entangled with the law and suffer imprisonment,” I offered an explanation based on the science of palmistry. After this, Janakidas looked even more pitiable. He pleaded to me, “Gurudev, I am deep in trouble. Please ward off my calamity. I dread the police. Please show me the path of penance to extricate myself from this dreadful adversity. I shall undertake that against all odds. You are my only savior. Please save me from this adversity”. He implored again and again and thereafter, he broke down. I advised him to undertake ‘Sankatvimochan and Bagalamukhi Sadhana (penance)’ which he completed very religiously. Finally, those seasoned thugs were apprehended by the police. They had not spent much of the amount yet. The amount was recovered by the Bank and Janakidas was saved from imprisonment.

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Author: Dr Hamza Ibrahim Mulla

Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla is a renowned Palmistry Expert and Astrologer. He is the Author of various books on Palmistry. He is also an Expert on Numerology and Occult Sciences. Dr. Mulla has catered to over a million clients and can help you get rid of any problem with his vast knowledge of Palmistry.


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