Late Marriage and Children – Palmistry Case Study


Krishnakant was an ambitious person. He had lived his childhood in struggle and poverty. He had made his mind to work hard and earn as much as he could. As he grew young, fortunately, his parents sold their ancestral land and gave him money for business. Krishnakant used the money wisely and set up his business. His ceaseless efforts and high ambitions helped him in turning his dreams into a reality. He never looked back then. His days and nights were spent only at work. He was a very successful business man now.

late Marriage Palmistry Case StudyBut he had not realized that in his effort of making his dreams turn into reality, he had grown old. He was 38 years old now and still not married. His parents had given up on their efforts long back. His father had died few years ago his mother was ailing. He had now realized his mistake of not getting settled at right age. He requested his maternal uncle to help him find a suitable bride for him. It was not an easy task. It took a year and a half for him to get married to Sulbha, who was also 36 years old and had not married due to her responsibilities.

They started their married life with hope and dreams. Three years passed by and there was no good news. They took medical help. Their doctor had told them clearly that owing to their age it was going to be difficult for them to bear the child. They had a failure in two IVF procedures. They started losing hope. They took a break for the third procedure.

late Marriage Palmistry Case StudyKrishnakant came to see me with his wife to know what his future was holding him. I examined their palms. I could clearly see the delayed marriage line on the palms of both.  I took my magnifying glass and studied the line of children on the palms of both. The lines of children or issues were clear on the palms of both. I confidently broke this news to them and told them they had chances of giving birth to two children in future. Sulbha had tears in her eyes. I advised them to undergo the third IVF procedure. Both left happily.

Eventually Sulbha gave birth to a healthy son. They came to my residence to seek blessings with the baby. I was happy to see the happy, content and satisfied smiles on their faces.


Author: Dr Jasmin Shaikh

Dr Jasmin Shaikh is a Numerologist and Palmistry Expert. She is the daughter of Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla. She has written several Articles on Numerology and Palmistry. You can contact her for consultations on +91-8855069200 or email on


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