Influence of Birth Number in Life – Numerology Case Study

Do you know that as per numerology, you birth number has an influence on your life? The Birth Day number is one of the most influential numbers in your Numerology Chart and can reveal the inherited traits of a given person and his ability to control circumstances and much more.

Jaya was heartbroken for the second time. She had no clue to what was happening in her life. She was in a troubled and abusive marriage for first five years of her marriage. Her parents had convinced her for a divorce with great difficulty. She loved Rajesh very much. They had a very compatible relationship in the beginning but as time flew, love was replaced by hatred, differences and fights. Their love for their three year old son also could not save her marriage. She was in severe depression after her divorce. She was worried for her son and his future.

After few days, she started working at a BPO. Her working hours were erratic. But with her parent’s support, she managed to work and take care of her son equally. Two years passed by. Her son was now going to a school. She had come out of her depression. Her social circle had increased. She had learnt to forgive and forget and enjoy her life. She met Prashant at her BPO. Their friendship eventually bloomed into love. Jaya was very happy to find her lost love in life. Prashant was fond of her son too and was ready to accept him as his son. She was looking forward to get married to Prashant. But that unfortunate day, Prashant lost his life to a road traffic accident. Jaya went into a state of shock. Her so called paradise was shattered even before she could live it. She went into depression again. But this time it was very severe. She quit her job as it reminded her of her sweet memories with Prashant. She was living a lifeless life at her home. Her parents were worried about her future. They were ageing and very well knew about the uncertain life. They wanted to see their daughter settled somehow. Jaya had now closed all the doors to her heart. She did not want anyone to knock there. She had started believing that love was not meant for her. Jaya’s parents came to me with a reference of their friend. Jaya sat in front of me. She could not saying anything. I comforted her and spoke to her. She had tears when she was narrating her life to me. I too felt bad to see how unfortunate one could be.

I saw her palms carefully. It clearly showed trouble in her marriage and failed love. But she had a good marriage line later at the age of 35 which was good and a favorable one. She was 32 now. I decided to tell this to her later. I recorded her birth date and the time of birth and recorded her signature for analysis. I called her after 10 days to give her analysis. 10 days later, Jaya was before time in my office for consultation. She was anxious and nervous at the same time. I started to explain her, “Jaya, your birth number is a number of sufferings and delays.Unfortunately it brings with it loss of a loved one or a traumatic divorce. You were indeed very unfortunate to suffer both. Most probably such people have second marriages in their life which is a happy and fruitful one. Your birth number carries with it suffering and problems in the early age of life, probably your youth, but then like one moves a magical wand, the life turns around after 35 years of life. Also to note is your life path number which is a good one. It is a very harmonious number to be compatible with any other birth date but unfortunately this number also suffers from divorce in first marriage. Due to this combination you suffered tremendously. I had seen your palm when you came to see me for the first time. I want to disclose now to you that you really have a happy married life at the age of 35. I know it is difficult for you to go through all that again. Take your time to come out of depression. Look positively towards your life. Meet a lot of motivating people. Adapt some form of exercise. And take your decision very wisely after 2 years. I will help you with the best compatibility match and guide you wherever I can. Life is very precious. Do not waste it. You have a long, happy, blissful life ahead waiting for you. Embrace it with open arms whenever the opportunity knocks you.” I gave her the signature corrections and asked her to visit me after a few day.

Jaya  met me a year later with a very positive approach in her life. I gave her the most compatible match and asked her to choose her life partner very wisely in the near future. I recommended some changes to follow at her home for positive vibrations. I also gave her some meditation techniques to follow to bring positive energy and calmness in her life. A year later she came to me with a handsome man to study their compatibility match. She did not want to take any chance. With a positive response from me, she married him and settled in USA. She is a happy woman now enjoying her marital bliss.

It  gives me an immense feeling of joy to help spread joy and happiness in other people’s world. If you are having problems in your life and want to get rid of them, an analysis based on your name and birth number can help. You may call me up or email me for an Appointment to know more about the Influence of Birth Number in Life and how to solve the problems you are facing in your life.

Author: Dr Jasmin Shaikh

Dr Jasmin Shaikh is a Numerologist and Palmistry Expert. She is the daughter of Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla. She has written several Articles on Numerology and Palmistry. You can contact her for consultations on +91-8855069200 or email on


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