Health is Wealth – Palmistry Case Study

What use is Money to you if you are unhappy and suffering from health issues? Many people run after Wealth neglecting their family and friends who care for them. If you are such a person, this Case Study should open your eyes.

Health is Wealth Palmistry Case Study

The Right Hand of Mr Pralhad

Pralhad was a highly ambitious person. He was always busy in his academic and sport activities in his childhood days. He always topped his exams and won medals in the sport activities. He was very determined. His parents did not have to take much efforts on him, supervise him or guide him. He always knew his priorities and kept himself very focused. Pralhad was a computer engineer now and was working in a multinational company as a manager. He had progressed well due to his intelligence and hard work. He was very hardworking and focused at work. Which company would not like to have a person like him working for them? His managers were very happy and wanted to promote him. Soon he was promoted. Time and work knew no boundaries for Pralhad now. He got very engrossed in his new project as he was looking at it as an opportunity to prove himself and bag a better overseas job in the future. He was married and had two children. But his family responsibilities took a backseat now. He very well knew that his wife Sulekha, who had left her multinational job for raising her children would take care of the family responsibilities. Sulekha was well acquainted with his work pressure but she happily agreed to do that. Pralhad would leave early in the morning for his office and reach home late in the midnight. His children would often see him only on the weekends. He used to get so engrossed in his work that at times he forget to even eat his food. This started taking a toll on his health and he started falling sick very often. His wife Sulekha was worried and also unhappy about the fact that he had started taking her and the children for granted. This started leading to fights between them quite often.
One day Sulekha was surprised to see Pralhad reach home in the afternoon. He was very weak and could not bear headache. She rushed him to the hospital. Pralhad was detected highly hypertensive. He was admitted for few days and advised rest.

Pralhad had realized his mistake of ignoring his health and peace. He came to see me along with his wife before deciding on the other plan he was thinking of. I examined his palms carefully. “Sir, this is the height of getting involved in work. See his state. He has suffered himself and we also have suffered as a family.” Said Sulekha.  “Pralhad, the education line and the fate line on your palm is very good. That is the reason why you could manage good education and job at such a good company. But you ignored your health. It has caused ill effects on your health now.” I said after observing the education line, fate line and the money line on his palm. He replied, “Sir, I agree to what you have said. I now want to correct my mistakes. I want to concentrate on my health and family.” I told him, “Pralhad, take care of your health. You have a very good service line on your palm. You just need to change to a lesser stress job and have work life balance. Your health is going to definitely improve. You will also not face any problems later in your life if you follow what I have advised you.” I gave him Sadhana ( meditation techniques) and explained him to follow it for mental peace and progress in his health. He followed it religiously. Eventually he shifted to the administration department. Today he leads a healthy life. He exercised daily and spends his time with the family. He is a happy man now.

Health is Wealth. Money and Success cannot buy Happiness and good health.  If you are an Individual facing problems in your job and family life, a detailed Palm Analysis can be of help. You may call me up or email me for an Appointment to know more about how to improve your life situation.

Author: Dr Hamza Ibrahim Mulla

Dr Amir Hamza Ibrahim Mulla is a renowned Palmistry Expert and Astrologer. He is the Author of various books on Palmistry. He is also an Expert on Numerology and Occult Sciences. Dr. Mulla has catered to over a million clients and can help you get rid of any problem with his vast knowledge of Palmistry.


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